What is Your Dream Job and Why?


What is Your Dream Job and Why?

Being a journalist was always my goal in life and to become the editor of Seventeen magazine would be a dream come true. Even as I get older Seventeen continues to be my favorite magazine and still appeals to me despite the fact I’m out of my teens and no longer go through high school drama (lol!). I believe being able to reach out to young teenage girls is a life changing job because so much of today’s society is tied into self image, sex, and what’s popular that week. When you have the power to help young women choose self love, healthy options, and how to be confident in themselves it feels really good and would be the best job ever.


Day 6- Share something for your kids to know


Day 6- Share something for your kids to know

Self-confidence is one the best things anyone could give their child and that’s why I’ve grown into the woman I am today. Knowing that my parents told me my self worth, boosted my confidence, and told me they loved me every day let me know I was worth something and had a bright future ahead of me.

So to my future child I say believe in yourself, aim big and sky’s the limit because baby you are worth the stars, moon, sun and everything in between. Having dreams is just the beginning and it starts with knowing who you are and what you can accomplish.