What is the hardest thing you have ever experienced?


The passing of my grandmother almost 12 years ago was the worst experience of death I’ve ever had to know. She was my rock and at 14 years old I lost one of the most important people in my life and to be in middle school at the time it made a huge impact on my life. I cried myself to sleep, cried at school and found it really hard to hold back my emotions around people.

What really tears me apart to this day is the fact that I wasn’t there to say goodbye, but in a way it seems right because we’d always say “see you later” instead because saying goodbye meant you’d never be seeing that person again. A few years back I began to forget what she smelled like, how her voice sounded, the way she felt when she’d wrap me in her arms for a big hug. It still feels like yesterday that I was in Ohio during a summer vacation from school hanging out with my grandparents and my uncle like any other day.

Losing my granny has taught me that change happens in an instant and no one can really be prepared for when it comes. Love is one of the most important possessions a person can own and to not see it everyday or just waste it is a shame.


Day 6- Share something for your kids to know


Day 6- Share something for your kids to know

Self-confidence is one the best things anyone could give their child and that’s why I’ve grown into the woman I am today. Knowing that my parents told me my self worth, boosted my confidence, and told me they loved me every day let me know I was worth something and had a bright future ahead of me.

So to my future child I say believe in yourself, aim big and sky’s the limit because baby you are worth the stars, moon, sun and everything in between. Having dreams is just the beginning and it starts with knowing who you are and what you can accomplish.