List people who have influenced you and how

  1. My mama being a single parent raising three children taught me that making sacrifices for others doesn’t have to take away from your own happiness in the process. She also taught me what being a strong woman looks like in addition to being an amazing parent, she never gave up on us, doubted us, or made us feel like we couldn’t achieve our goals.
  2. My daddy because it just goes to show that you can come from a world of bad influences, sin, gambling, alcohol and etc and come out on the other side a man of God. Years of living in Haughville and learning lessons the hard way can take a toll on a person but my dad used his experiences and changed his life around to become the man of God I know today and can go to when I need prayer or a comforting word.
  3. Young black men and women who graduate from high school and go on to attend college because in today’s society self image, sex, drugs, violence, and money all seem to rule the world. Every time I see in the news or on social media a young person graduating with honors or being accepted in Ivy league schools it warms my heart and makes me want to strive to inspire and influence them as the younger generation coming into the adult world.
  4. Ancestors of years past because without their sacrifices and hard work there would be no modern world and today’s society would look a lot different than it does now.