What is the hardest thing you have ever experienced?


The passing of my grandmother almost 12 years ago was the worst experience of death I’ve ever had to know. She was my rock and at 14 years old I lost one of the most important people in my life and to be in middle school at the time it made a huge impact on my life. I cried myself to sleep, cried at school and found it really hard to hold back my emotions around people.

What really tears me apart to this day is the fact that I wasn’t there to say goodbye, but in a way it seems right because we’d always say “see you later” instead because saying goodbye meant you’d never be seeing that person again. A few years back I began to forget what she smelled like, how her voice sounded, the way she felt when she’d wrap me in her arms for a big hug. It still feels like yesterday that I was in Ohio during a summer vacation from school hanging out with my grandparents and my uncle like any other day.

Losing my granny has taught me that change happens in an instant and no one can really be prepared for when it comes. Love is one of the most important possessions a person can own and to not see it everyday or just waste it is a shame.


PopTopic: What is the American Dream?


While watching an episode of “Catfish the TV Show”, Nev the show’s creator, asked people in public around the D.C. area “What is the American Dream?”

This got me to thinking how far has the “American Dream” come and what’s the definition of it as well as it’s meaning now? People don’t seem to strive for the same values as the people in the past did or want what our ancestors did when they first came to America or moved to that dream city.

So the question I guess I want to know is what has changed the American Dream? Why does it differ from time of yesteryear and most importantly does it even exist anymore?

Time for reinvention


I’ve been thinking of reinventing my career choice and looking into other avenues of journalism and possibly going back to school and obtaining my masters degree in Public Relations.

The entire time I was in my undergrad people asked the question “are you going to grad school?” Of course I laughed and said no thinking what possible reason could a journalism student have for going to grad school. Recently I gained some new insight on the prospect of attending grad school and continuing my education especially with Obama remaining POTUS and giving me the opportunity to even consider furthering my education. Because let’s face it, finances aren’t what they used to be in the past.

By no means am I giving up my dreams of becoming a prominent journalist and leaving my mark on this world but there isn’t really a lot for me to get into as far as magazines in Indiana. I will admit that newspaper could be a route to take but that would be a last resort because heaven forbid a magazine writer has to enduring being a newspaper writer for any a second (lol). Seriously though any opportunity would be greatly appreciated and maybe going back to school to hone my skills wouldn’t be a bad thing.

I’ve always been one to believe that everything happens for a reason and I’m definitely keeping that glass half full until I make my big break.