Day 8- Discuss something you have read online & link to it


Day 8- Discuss something you have read online & link to it

This article was on my facebook timeline and I thought I’d give it a read and surprisingly it’s a fairly good and accurate article.

Being a young black woman I believe stereotypes run the world and definitely the media when it comes to portraying African-Americans especially women. With shows like Love and Hip Hop, Chrissy and Mr. Jones, Basketball Wives and the like no one gets a true sense of who the black woman really is in real life. We all don’t speak broken English or roll our necks and wag our fingers in the air contrary to popular belief nor do we all have names that are hard to pronounce and/or spell with extra letters added to sound unique.

After reading this article I totally agree with the author in each topic they talked about, attitude, ghetto, gold digger, and etc. I don’t really take to heart a lot of the things I read or see in the media and being a journalist myself I find it discouraging that the craft is being put to shame with shows, movies, articles and the such being made to put us in a negative light. As the author said where is the good to balance the bad? Where is the Claire Huxtable of this generation to guide the young black girls who have only the female rappers, reality stars and video vixens to relate to because of age?

It’s time to start become role models and take responsibility for the legacy we’re leaving behind. By the way the author was a man writing about the image of the black woman in today’s society. Just something to think about, especially since he hit the nail on the head.


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