Day 23- What’s your schedue like?


These days my life is all over the place and I don’t have a set time for anything any more. Since I’ve begun training to become a manager at my job my schedule has become even more inconsistent but still a little flexible enough to be able to get errands ran, people visited, and maybe even if I’m luck so time to myself.

I never really knew what a light schedule was since before entering high school which was some odd years ago (lol)! I’ve always been a very active person and like to stay busy because I become bored very quickly, only catch is that I have to be doing something that I enjoy or is at least a little bit interesting to me. To say I like a full plate is an understatement, being a freelance journalist part time is always challenging the procrastinator in me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Another reason why I always keep a planner with me at all times so as to keep track of events, deadlines, birthdays and of course appointments. I think for even the lightest schedule a planner/agenda is something every person should have because you never know when you’ll get an invitation, have to make an appointment or even need to write down when a payment or bill is due.



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