Shonda Rhimes has broken me! Scandal Finale was BANANAS!!!


 Also the season finale of Scandal was tonight and that just blew me out the water and had my feelings all over the place. Don’t know how I feel about Shonda playing back and forth between Fitz and Liv I mean either let them start to be together or leave them alone to be away from each other. I mean that finale was deep and disappointing as well, it started off good then ended awful. Not going to deliver any spoilers so let’s just say somethings about Olivia are revealed and David actually turns out to be pretty decent after all. Overall I’m going to take this time to recover before the third season premieres and get my Gladiator mentality back in shape because I’m a hardcore Olivia and Fitz (Olitz) fan and too see this same crap once again where Fitz is crying on Mellie’s shoulder doesn’t fly well with me. I’m about ready to give up on Scandal but I know how Shonda operates and should know better given I’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy since the beginning. I’m going to give myself a break and go over this past season so that I can digest what’s happened and fully process where Shonda has brought us thus far. Here’s hoping S3 is where “ish gets real” as Harrison would say. Image


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