Is the Beyonce lip sync issue really that big a deal?


So as many have heard there are allegations that Beyonce was lip syncing at President Obama’s inauguration ceremony. Now this topic has just been bugging the mess out me for some reason and I’m not quite sure why that could be. 

Maybe it’s because everyone flocks to Beyonce like she can do no wrong and are member of what her fans call the “Beyhive”.

It could be because we have other major things happening in the world other than the fact that a Grammy award winning singer who has released multiple albums and broken various records may or may not have sang the Star Spangled Banner using her own vocals.

No I think it’s really because I don’t care and could be using my time and energy to read about something other than Beyonce and what she’s doing at the moment. Now I’m a fan don’t get my wrong but to follow the lives of these celebrities like some people do is ridiculous.

You don’t know them personally, nor do you talk with them on a daily basis to be this deeply inserted into their lives where you take it upon yourself to judge them because they quite frankly may not have felt like singing “for real” that day. Let’s be honest it was cold, she was in Washington, D.C the far north, and she will be performing at the Super Bowl halftime show. Bey was probably resting the pipes for her big performance. (lol)

Any way you slice it I think it shouldn’t have been brought to light and even then it should have only had 15 min of fame at best. We all know that come Feb. 3, 2013 it will be well forgotten and everyone will be looking forward to her next “big” headline in the news.


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