Is this what America is coming to?


Opened my yahoo to check my e-mail and this was one of the stories scrolling along the bottom of the screen. After opening and reading the story I couldn’t believe how far some states would go as to “escape” America’s current government. I mean we had 8 years of the Bush Administration so why can’t there be 8 years of the Obama administration while giving President Obama a good two terms to improve on what needs fixing?

The real issue here is racism plain and simple, point blank. Let’s face it with so many people tweeting such hateful, cruel, and downright offensive comments it’s no wonder America is a nation divided. Because we as a country are still stuck in the past we obviously still have a long way to go despite having gone through the Civil Rights Movement.

Some may say I’m taking this story out of context and looking way too deep into it but I don’t believe I am because no matter how many times people say “oh I’m not racist” or “we’ve moved passed that” it’s only been about 50 or 60 years since the Civil Rights Movement not nearly enough time to “move on” if you ask me.

You never know what can open your eyes and help you really “see” the big picture.


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