So tonight was the last night of the Democratic National Convention with VP Joe Biden speaking and
President Barrack Obama accepting the nomination for another four years. Also another big event in the musical world took place, the Video Music Awards which airs on MTV usually on a Sunday night was broadcast on a Thursday. Now many might not find it strange that after so many years of traditionally airing the show on Sunday night that it would be switched to a weeknight so I’m here to tell you that it was no coincidence at all.

Being that I’m a journalist and have both twitter and facebook accounts I did my fair share of  tweeting while the VMAs were on but I also kept my eyes and ears on the DNC while VP Biden was giving his remarks. Yes the main event for me was to hear President O speak and that I did until the very end and he was walking off the stage, I stayed glued to the television. Now to my point about the VMAs, for MTV to air the awards show at the same time as the DNC, a more important and crucial program to be aired on T.V. is not an oversight of the bigwigs. Yes, Obama didn’t speak until about 10:30 p.m. making it easy to catch both the VMAs and his speech which many would say so what’s the point.

Well being as it may there was an encore of the VMAs right after the original airing which aired at the same time as President Obama’s speech, which was AWESOME, right on point, and downright inspiring. So for those who thought it more important to catch the encore on the same day and not wait only 24 hours to catch it again, shameful just shameful because your future is dependent on your voting.

I believe there was obviously a higher power at play and for the VMAs to be moved to a weeknight is a tad suspicious to me and makes me think it was done purposefully for Americans to miss a great and powerful speech that was full of promise, truth, and fact. Politics may not be the most fun or interesting topic to many but it’s important and detrimental to the future of the American society so again I say vote, if anything please exercise your right to vote despite the broadcasters might to stir you the in the wrong direction.

Change is what we make it and can only happen when we use our voices to change it for the better.


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