Truth has finally be spoken! Democratic National Convention 2012.


Watching the Democratic National Convention this year has me even more fired up and ready to vote than it did four years ago. After former President Bill Clinton’s remarks at last night’s convention I can’t help but wonder why no one had brought up those issues before instead of placing more doubt and blame on President Obama. I mean has Clinton said no president including himself could repair the state of the economy four years ago so that goes to show one man can’t rebuild a nation in a day just as Rome wasn’t built in a day.

So many still find it easy to fault President O for things not completely rebuilt or restored but eight years worth of bad decisions, dumb mistakes, and just plain lack of good judgement is a lot to take on for ONE man but when he is supported by thousands even millions he can show you what can be done even further into the next four years.

As an African American female in my twenties I feel I have an obligation to vote and send a message to the government, my community, and especially my generation that voting is a privilege not a right because if we don’t take that privilege it will be taken away from us without our knowledge. It is very important almost life changing if we as young people don’t vote. No matter who you vote for Democrat or Republican, Independent or Liberal just vote because our future depend on it big time!

The time is now to listen to the news, follow journalists and their opinions on what’s going on in the world today and pay attention to your community because these will be the future leaders of the United States, a country that is said to be so great. Let’s fight for our privilege to continue voting and being able to put good, honest, trustworthy people in office who work for those who can’t get their voice heard worldwide.



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