Street Hollas: flattering or dangerous?


Street Hollas: flattering or dangerous?

Recently I read an interesting article on the wonderful site Madame Noir and I had to share this with the world.

Breaking down the article it’s basically describes how males degrade and sexually harass women on the street when they holla at them with catcalls such as “aye”, “I just want to talk to you” and of course the classic “damn look at that ass”.

After reading this article I had to reevaluate the various times when I’ve been in this exact situation and think to myself this is so right and I can’t believe I didn’t realize it before now. It’s amazing how many catcalls we women get in a  week hell, even a day. I’m sure it’s no

different for women of other races, but as a young black women all I hear is ” aye ma” ” you got a nice ass” and of course my personal fave “aye let me talk to you for a minute”. Boy boo is all I have to say because if you don’t step to me correct then you can step period point blank.

Just some food for thought and something to think about as BHM wraps up.


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