Is it really important to have a Black History Month?


After hearing about Morgan Freeman’s comments on hating Black History Month I decided to see the interview and after watching I have to say is having Black History Month really that deep?

I mean lets face it black history is American history and should be celebrated 365 days not just 28 or 29 and another thing lets please stop making excuses about having the shortest month of the year to celebrate all the accomplishments we as black people have made through time. Yes February is the shortest month, yes it’s during winter, and yes we only “get” a month to celebrate but in truth we just go with the flow and just accept one month to celebrate.

For one of my minors to be African-American studies I whole heartily believe we should continue to celebrate black history but to relegate it only to one month or to define it as “black” history may have to change in the future. Now don’t get it twisted I’m not adding to the “I hate black history month” rant but to get over race we as Americans should really just drop the color issues and get over it already. It’s not going to happen overnight but if we don’t rise up and the majority of us become bigger people then it will be America’s downfall.

Just some food for thought…. and careful and sometimes obvious people watching.

Until next time, deuces!


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