What’s the Point? It’s coming…soon


So I’ve been out of the job market for officially two months and 19 days to this day. I know patience is a virtue and all but with the unemployment rates being the way they are and the “recession” still kicking our butts it’s a little hard for us out of work college grads and students to find something to occupy our time during the summer.

Now being the smart person I am I’ve decided to stock up on internships and see what I can get into around Indy before moving on to my dream job: editor of Seventeen magazine. Only set back is the magazine is based in New York and well me and the big Apple aren’t exactly used to each other and besides it’s a little too cold there for my tastes. All in all I will eventually make it to the top of my industry and hope to blaze a trail behind me for others to follow.

Unfortunately life doesn’t always work out the way you plan and sometimes you get dealt a crappy hand and have to just go with it… for the time being. I’ve always believed things happen for a reason and if for a short period of time I have to bum it and live at home then so be it but I won’t feel sorry for my self nor will I just give up hope on my dreams. I’m a young, attractive woman and I’ve got a whole life to live so watch out world I’m coming and then there’s no turning back.



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