Victory or Sidenote


News just broke Osama Bin Laden is dead and already social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have begun to explode with posts. From reading only a few posts you can gauge the joy and happiness everyone feels about the announcement President Obama will be making during this special late night address. I for one am happy to hear about the death of man who has been on the most wanted list for over 10 years, but what does this mean for America? Will wars start to break out across the country, as if we don’t already have enough? How will retaliations be made if there are any to be made? Of equal importance is the image this will present of President O and his administration. Yes Republicans are trying every trick in the book to silence him and get his run to end, but unfortunately for them we actually like this President this time around and we aren’t trying to make him go anywhere. So the question is will the death of Bin Laden be a victory for Obama or a mere side note for the Republicans who can’t seem to stop chalking his deeds up to failures? Come on people this is his first term as President there are bound to be mistakes and Rome wasn’t built in a day, but then again look at George W. Bush’s run and we may want to rethink how deep a President can fall.


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