Entering real life


The other day in my Philosophy 203 class, which happened to be my last undergrad class, I was sitting there at my desk listing to Dr. K go on and on about political decision making and then I got to thinking about every activity I’ve partaken in and decided to write down my adventures over the past four years.

On a sheet of paper I wrote freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior and under each heading I wrote the number of parties, probates, road trips, late nites, and such activities. While looking over this list I felt I had experienced a great deal and yet still had more that I wanted to do like: play in the fountain with Frog Baby, take pictures in front of Benny, the Naked Lady, and of course Frog Baby, and there’s going to the top of the bell tower, and of course getting my first slice of Greek’s pizza.

Four years seems like a lifetime when you’re a freshman, but after you get started on the journey it passes you by in a flash and the next thing you know, you turn around and it’s the spring semester of your Senior year and graduation is merely days away. Thankfully loose ends are tied up and only a “list of things to do before I leave” is waiting for me on my desk. I’ve met all kinds of people, some good and some bad, seen interesting sights, and gotten to have some pretty amazing experiences in my four years of college. All in all it was a pretty good journey and added another chapter to my life’s story.  College was a good fit for me and thank you Lord I’m still here to make it through the end because there were times I wanted to throw in the towel, (J102 lol!) but I kept the faith, prayed, and stayed the course.

Many years down the road I’ll look back on my time at Ball State and think “People were right, it was the best four years of my life.”


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